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  • 股票代碼

    Publicity of candidates recommended by the 13th Committee of Wuxi Youth Federation


    According to the recommendation of the Federation and the requirements of the committee, Ms. Xu Mufan has been recommended as committee member of the 13th Committee of Wuxi Federation of Youth. She has also passed the preliminary review by the Secretariat of the Federation. Now, according to the recommendation procedures and requirements, the relevant information of this comrade is publicized as follows:

    1、 Brief information

    Xu Mufan, female, born in August 1992, Han nationality, bachelor degree, comrade. She is now working as a process engineer of Wuxi Parker New Material Technology Co., Ltd.

    2、 Publicity time

    December 1, 2017 - December 7, 2017 (7 days)

    3、 Department and contact information


    1. Wuxi Parker New Material Technology Co., Ltd. (Tel: 0510-85585232)

    2. Wuxi Youth Federation Secretariat (Tel: 0510-82720242, address: room 1208, 12 / F, Wuxi Youth Activity Center, 9 Qingnian Road, Wuxi, postal code: 214000)

    • +86 0510-85585888
    • +86 0510-85585888-83031

      +86 0510-85585195

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